Moroccan Home Décor

Style influences from this North African country introduce a dramatic flair to bohemian décor. Our Moroccan décor is known for its sophisticated accents and patterns and has a rich heritage from many centuries ago. 

Moroccan home décor has stood the test of time and continues to remain relevant and appealing in the 21st century.

Browse our exquisite collection of Moroccan-inspired décor below.

Moroccan Cushions

Bold prints coupled with bright colors are standard features of ethnic Moroccan cushions. These cushions are ideal for:

  •  Bedrooms

  •  Halls

  •  Window seats

  •  Any space with a couch or bed. 

They also make great additions to a beach house or bohemian look.

Moroccan Wedding Blankets

A traditional Moroccan wedding blanket (or the ‘handira’) is woven from pure wool, cotton, and linen. It’s a signature piece of fabric for a Moroccan bride. Usually, the bride will be wrapped in it, with the blanket looking like a cape. 

The only time she wears this is after her traditional wedding ceremony. Finished off with sparkly sequins, it’s understandable why this blanket has become an essential element in modernist Moroccan home-style décor. 

A quick search on Moroccan décor online will usually include results on this wedding blanket. Feel free to browse our collection for a unique spin on such an exquisitely crafted item!

Creating a Bohemian Moroccan Décor Look

Bohemian Moroccan décor is easy to replicate once you understand the basics of blending bold patterns with other bohemian elements. It must always be a smooth blend that you or others will find visually appealing. 

Working with Moroccan styles doesn’t have to mean working with all its strong features at the same time, as you’ll have to tone some aspects down to complement others.

For example, you may not want to combine a Moroccan throw blanket with a Moroccan wedding pillow, since that can be a bit too much. In another breath, it’ll be a fashion faux pas to mix Moroccan wall décor with a strictly bohemian décor. The trick is in adding a touch of each throughout your space so they blend seamlessly together.

It’s quite interesting to see how the Moroccan décor has become trendy in Australia. Indeed, it adds a spicy addition to any home!

Browse our collection of Moroccan décor with our bohemian twist above.