About Us

Hi All!

Thankyou for showing interest in our products! Let me introduce myself... My name is Zoe and I am a mum to three little babes.

We are a 100% Australian owned family based business.

Willow & Beech is named after my two eldest kids, (you guessed it... Willow and Beech) and in September 2016 welcomed our youngest addition, Boston to the tribe.

A bit of history... I initially completed my Diploma in Interior Design in 2010 while I was expecting my first baby (Willow). She arrived in December 2010. My career went on hold so that I could focus on the job I loved, being a mum, and 16 months after having Willow, I welcomed my son, Beech, in April 2012. First and foremost I was a stay at home mum but I picked up some contracts with some local builders as their Interior Designer as well as large commercial projects.

I still dabble in Interior Design and Colour Consulting but I found my passion was in the home decor items so in 2014 I began sourcing suppliers and ordering products to find items that I was passionate about and wanted to share with others. This was a relatively slow process as I was being particular about the items I wanted to sell which ranged from handmade products made by both locals to internationally sourced items.

By late November 2015 I opened my physical store 'Willow & Beech'. At that time the store was my focus and I had not yet transitioned to online. Not long after opening I fell pregnant with baby Boston and was so ill I was unable to work. I was offered the opportunity to run my store through a local cafe, which I jumped on so that I could take time out through my rough pregnancy without closing the doors.

While I was having time off I continued sourcing and ordering products daily, to both fill my store and I began ordering excess stock to begin my online venture. I had started gaining a following and felt that while I was home with two children with a third on the way, an online store was a great way for me to expand my business without me needing to man a store all day. By mid 2016, with the support of my (patient & tech savvy partner) we launched our online store. It took me a while to grasp online marketing and social media, but today we have such a wonderful support base for our family run business.

In mid 2018 our online business took off faster than I could ever have anticipated and I made the decision to close the store and make our online business our focus. This also allowed a bit of work life balance so that I could be available for my kids.

I am passionate about Handmade items and stock a large range of goods made by artisans as well as a range of coastal, boho, tribal and unique wooden pieces. Since early 2018 we delved into designing our own textiles and this was one of the best decisions I ever made. As nerve wracking as it was to launch something I had designed as my own personal brand, the response was wonderful and it truly was a turning point for Willow & Beech. Our personal lines became sought after globally. Since then we have continued to design and launch textiles as well as home decor pieces personally designed by us to continue to give us that unique edge. 

In 2019 we launched of our 'Boston Collection' (named after my youngest... he needed a mention somewhere). Our Boston Collection is made up of carefully and individually selected antique and handcrafted wood pieces from India, refinished to our specification, for our signature Willow & Beech style.  

We are always striving to deliver quality products and excellent customer service. We take great care in sourcing our products to ensure your utmost satisfaction and we want to make Willow & Beech a cherished part of your home.

Thank you for supporting our business, we have a wonderful team that look forward to assisting you.

 Willow & Beech Pty Ltd

ABN 82 623 544 614