Living Room Décor

Where do you spend most of your time at home? For most people, the answer to that is simple: the living room. As such, it is one of the most important parts of the home to focus on when you are trying to create a new beautiful style in the home. 

By getting the right living room décor, you can help to create a much more stunning home, and to feel so much more comfortable and relaxed. At Willow & Beech, our signature style allows you to create boho style living rooms with ease!

Browse our collection below.

Decorate Your Coffee Table

The coffee table is a surprisingly important part of the living room’s décor. For one thing, you need to decide what you are going to decorate it with - and we have plenty of options for you to choose between there. 

From a range of understated statues to attractive items that make a bold statement! You also need to ensure the coffee table itself suits your tastes, which is easy with some of the unique tables we import.

Living Room Throws

Besides the coffee table, your lounge is another area where you can bring out your ideal style. With our range of boho cushions, throw blankets and rugs, you can layer in as many different types of textures, colours and fabrics to get your desired bohemian, eclectic décor look.

Decorate Your Living Room Walls

The walls of the living room are going to need to be decorated well if you want to keep in line with your chosen style. Take a look through our range of varied living room wall décor to decide on your perfect items.

Lounge Room Décor Styles

The kind of style you’re going for will certainly impact on what lounge room décor you choose to purchase. Our signature style is a mix of bohemian inspired pieces along with elements of coastal and tribal décor.

We also draw inspiration from a variety of cultures around the world to deliver you authentic Indian décor, Balinese décor and Moroccan décor among others. 

How Boho Is Your Living Room?

If you are trying to achieve that boho living room effect, you’ll find all you need to make that happen right here. We have everything that you’ll find in a boho lounge room. 

The key is to start with your desired textures, layer these in through the cushions and throws. Then look for matching wall decor or stand alone centerpieces. To perfect your bohemian look, you can choose to layer in contrasting colours for a more eclectic style or stick with neutral tones for a bright and airy living room.

Add a touch of feathers or a signature macrame piece to your walls, and your boho living room is good to go!

Get That Coastal Chic Effect

Perhaps you want to create something of a coastal chic effect in your living room instead. If so, check out our range of beach themed décor items which are going to help you make that a reality. 

We have a wide collection of shell and coastal décor items you can use to embellish your walls, shelves or side tables. In any case, you can get the perfect coastal chic look with our exquisite range! 

Small Details Matter For A Rustic Look

No matter what style you’re going for, if you are keen to create a more rustic appearance in your living room, sometimes it’s all about those smaller details.

The type of fabric and textures play a big role. Natural, earthy undertones paired with wooden décor and brought together with your preferred accents. 

We are proud to offer a wide range of artisanal, handcrafted goods to help you get the rustic look you’re after. Often lacking in perfect symmetry, the handmade nature of our products allows you to create a truly unique space.

No matter what style or look you’re after, browse our exquisite collection of living room décor above.