Indian Home Décor

Our range of Indian décor is a mix, often tending to be a burst of bright colors with intricate patterns and designs that make it almost impossible to believe they’re hand-crafted. 

Combined with the rare handmade wooden items, if you’re looking for traditional Indian furniture or homewares, you’re in the right place!

Browse our exquisite range of handcrafted Indian décor below!

Our Indian Home Décor & Furniture

Both Indian décor and furniture tend to be profoundly spiritual but also come in creative pieces that appeal to all crowds. Our range reflects both aspects of the modern and antique pieces we collect. With some truly remarkable items in our product range, we invite you to browse our collection of Indian home décor items above.

Indian Throw Rugs

Traditional and brightly colored with intricate patterns and designs, they’re made from sustainable fabrics that give you value for money. Some designs come with frayed edges, while others have well-defined borders to prevent the thread from running.

Indian Antique Furniture

There’s no Indian antique furniture that’s simple or mediocre. Each piece is carefully hand-crafted and chiseled with designs that can rival any machine-made furniture. The antique nature of most Indian wooden furniture is also known to enhance buyers’ interest and to add a unique ambiance to any room. 

Indian Candle Holders

Made by talented artisans, the candle holders we stock come in a variety of:

  • Glass

  • Wood

  • Metal

  • Ceramics

  • Other materials. 

More so, they’re designed in different sizes and colors which suit every purpose they’re intended for.

Indian Bohemian Décor

Indian bohemian décor is unconventional, profoundly artistic, and rich in creativity. The free-spirited style is influenced and crafted with southeast Asian inspirations. The most appealing factor about Bohemian décor is how easy it is to replicate in different cultures. However, with an Indian combination, you have a double dose of rich culture just waiting to be explored.

Why the Clamor for Indian Homewares?

The simple answer is that Indian homewares are naturally exquisite, adding an instant sense of awe to any space. 

More often than not, these patterned Indian homewares are considered exotic, traditional, classy, and hand-made. Indeed, these descriptions are elements that encompass the broad appeal for Indian décor found online. In every Indian-themed home, you’ll find:

  • Indian throw blankets

  • Indian cushions

  • A Chakki table

  • Indian hand-made bowls

Understanding the History Behind Indian Handicrafts

In ancient India, natives lived in clusters known as tribals. These colonies (or tribals) made a living by making utility items for everyday needs. Usage of these items went beyond personal needs to commercial. Therefore, these groups needed to enhance their craft by leaving little room for error. Gradually, these items gained value and found an enviable spot in the exotic handicraft market.

Today, many people around the world enjoy the fruits of these labors by proudly showcasing these homewares throughout their homes.

Browse our exquisite range of Indian home décor & furniture today!