Home Décor Accessories

When you are trying to design the perfect home, having the right accessories is absolutely vital. 

At Willow & Beech, we are proud to offer a wide and varied range of home décor accessories for you to choose from, so no matter what you need you are bound to find it here. Choosing the right accessories can be hard, but with these beautiful and stunning options to guide you, it should be a little simpler. 

Browse our collection of some of Australia’s best home décor accessories.

Boho Style Décor Accessories

For anyone looking for a truly boho style home, we have some of the best bohemian décor accessories around for you to choose from. 

Our boho accessories truly go well in any home, but especially so if you are aiming to create an eclectic or rustic kind of style overall.

Your Ideal Beach Home

The ideal beach home requires some amazing home décor accessories, so it’s worth taking a look through the ones we have here to make sure you have the best ones.

From shell and coral decorations to coastal chic wall hangings, you’ll find the perfect accessory to accent your space in no time!

Creating A Vintage Home Décor Look

Perhaps you would prefer to create a vintage look in your home? If so, we have a huge range of wooden vintage décor accessories for you to choose from.

Our brand is known for offering truly unique, artisanal pieces. Many are sourced from different cultures, such as India, and have been handcrafted many decades ago. 

Not only are these items aged to perfection, they have also been lovingly crafted and add an stunning element to your home’s interior.

Accessories For Every Room

We have the best home décor accessories for every part of the home, including your bedroom, bathroom, entrance hallway, kitchen, living room and more!

Browse our collection of home accessories to help you find the perfect embellishment you need to brighten up your space.