Balinese Home Décor

Finding exotic pieces of furniture to beautify your home is a great way to infuse personality. Sometimes, all it takes is moving away from the mundane things to rare but affordable fixtures finding a rightful place in the home.

Our Balinese home décor is a mix of tropical with undertones of tribal design. Bali-inspired homewares have gained impressive ground in the 21st century, for their uniquely exquisite and prominent tropical décor options.

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Our Bali Home Décor & Furnishings

When you’re researching Bali home décor online, you’ll likely find Bali cushions, Balinese ornaments, and all things uniquely inspired by the culture of this tropical island. The intriguing element about our range of Balinese décor is the focus on textured materials and native patterns you can only find in Indonesia.

Balinese Cushions

Balinese cushions are soft and comfortable accessories that evoke a relaxing atmosphere in any space. Available in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures, these decorative pillows make the perfect addition to the couch, bed, or beach house décor. Some come with frayed edges, while other types are smoothed out at the seams.

Balinese Inspired Ornaments

Traditional hand-made pieces make up our collection of Balinese ornaments. Made from materials sourced from organic and natural resources, these pieces of art add instant vibrance to any space. Examples of materials that make up our Balinese wall décor and other Bali inspired décor are:

  • Shells

  • Wood

  • Brass

  • Engraved stones

  • Bamboo 

Because the Balinese are a deeply spiritual group of people, Buddha engravings and revered animals such as geese, turtles and whales are found on many of these art pieces as well.

What is Balinese Ethnic Décor?

A recreation of bungalow living is the hallmark of the traditional Balinese home décor. It also infuses boho décor, which helps to create a free-spirited appeal with sub-themes bordering around the outdoors and nature. Because Bali is a place of rich greenery and tropical flora, organic elements such as wood, woven straw, bamboo, and earthy ceramics are constant features in Balinese décor.

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