Mini Chinese Workers Stool

Mini Chinese Workers Stool

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**Before ordering, please ensure you have read the description carefully as well as our terms & conditions in relation to pre-orders, damages and returns**

These gorgeous little Chinese old workers stools are Antique pieces. Each is handmade making them unique from piece to piece.

These stools are not made to be perfect, each tells their own story.

For your convenience the stools have been listed in order with each stool having 2 photos each for your reference. Please refer to the pictures in order to make your selection (keep in mind there is 2 photos per stool) 

Before placing an order, please be aware I will not refund for change of mind. If you have any questions please message me first.

Stool 1 - 26x15cm Top x 25.5cm H

Stool 2 - 30x14.5cm Top x 24.5cm H

Stool 3 - 28x13.5cm Top x 19cm H

Stool 4 - 31.5x10.5cm Top x 29cm H

Stool 5 - 31.5x16cm Top x 30.5cm H

Stool 6 - 27.5x15cm Top x 25cm H

Stool 7 - 27.5x14cm Top x 29cm H

Stool 8 - 31.5x14cm Top x 33.5cm H

Stool 9 - 33.5x13.5cm Top x 32cm H

Stool 10 - 26.5x12cm Top x 25.5cm H